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Software provides an easy method to measure total leaf area and the area of any visible symptom on the leaf.

1. Preparing of leaf image file:
  To prepare leaf image file, scan leaves individually on whether ultra black or ultra white background(*). Then save the scanned leaf images individually in (bmp 24 bit) files. Pay attention to the scanner sittings because you will need to calibrate the software according to these sittings.
2. Calibration:
  The software needs to be calibrated before using.
Please see calibration procedure
3. Measuring procedures:
3.1. Use "Open" button (1) to open the objective leaf file.
3.2. Set the detection system
  Since the colours of symptom may be varied according to the plant species, infestation stage or scanner...ext., the software was provided with four built-in detection systems (10) available to detect different types of symptom colour. Examine them and choose the most suitable one for your image colour.
To get the best accuracy, you can customize your own system according to the symptom colour in your hand. Please see
customization procedures.
Choosing "leaf area only" (The 1st choice in the list 10) makes the software to not detect any symptom on the leaf but presents leaf area and leaf perimeter.
3.3. Adjust measurement unit area
  The principal idea of the software is to divide the image into small squares and assess the average colour of every square. You can use the unit tuner (3) to adjust the area of these square units between 0.1 and 1.0 mm2. Measurements of these square units are carried out according to the visible dimensions on the screen and are not carried out according to the real dimensions of the object target.
Although small detection unit makes measurement more accurate, it consumes much time especially in big images. So try to make your suitable balance.
3.4. Analyze image
  Click "analyze" button (2) to analyze the image and represent leaf and symptom areas.
4. Correction and improvement
  The software marks the parts, which are detected as symptom, by red colour. That allows you to see the parts which are detected and counted as symptom area. Sometimes the software couldn't detect all the parts of the symptom area or detect some parts of not symptom and mark it as symptom.
Now here are some advises help you to correct that confusion:
4.1. Customize a specific detection system paying attention to represent the average colour of the symptom. Please see customization procedures.
4.2. Adjust detection sensitivity
You can use the sensitivity slider (13) to adjust the detection sensitivity of the software. Moving this slider to the right make the software to detect wider range of colours around the typical average of symptom colour.
4.3. Paint confused parts
  Sometimes, the leaf may contains parts exhibit a colour similar to symptom area. These parts may be mistakenly marked as symptom area. To avoid this mistake:
4.3.1. Press "refresh" (4) button to clear any marked areas.
4.3.2. Use the brush tool (6) to paint confused areas.
There are three colours available to paint unrecognized or mistakenly recognized areas:
(7) To paint colour similar to non symptom area (leaf area)
(8) To paint colour similar to symptom area
(9) To paint black colour to paint any pale spot in the background (pale area maybe recognized as leaf area).
Select the appropriate colour then press brush button (6) and use it to paint where is needed.

After doing the required corrections click "analyze" button (2) to reanalyze the image once again.

After doing
calibration, you can measure the distance between any two points on the photo, i.e. measure leaf length or/and leaf width ext.
To measure the distance between two points, click the mouse exactly on the start point on the photo then move the mouse and click on the end point. The covered distance will appear to you. Repeat the previous action with the same start and end points. The average of these measurements, SD and SE will appear. Repeat this action until be satisfied with the average. Use "Del" button (15) to delete inaccurate measurements and "Reset" (14) button to clear measurements.
You can also draw a grid on the picture. Adjust the grid unit dimension at (16) then press "Show" button (17) to draw the grid.

(*) Background should be ultra black or ultra white otherwise it may be confused and detected as part of the leaf and be added to the leaf area. To examine your background darkness or whiteness, scan and analyze a blank image (without leaf) using the candidate background. If the software revealed 0 leaf area, that means the background darkness or whiteness is enough otherwise you need to change the background.

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