Software to calculate probit analyses according to Finney (1971), Which is used to illustrate the relation between stimulus and response in toxicological and biological studies.
Illustrate dose-response regression line

  • Very easy to input your data. Very easy to calculate it.

  • Save your data in a file and reopen, reedit and recalculate it any time later.

  • Calculate any value of LD, LC, LT... with upper and lower limits.

  • Show dose-response regression line and the actually observed data points.

  • Show Chi-square of goodness of fit and its probability.

  • Calculate Correlation coefficient (r)

  • Give tables and graphics printout.

  • Make relative studies among several treatments and calculate Index, Resistance ratio and significant intervals.

  • Through "LdP Line" you have the ability to make control correction according to Abbott's, Henderson-Tilton's, Sun-Shepard's and Schneider-Orelli's formulas.

  • Examples of publications citing LdP Line

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